Moroccan Women

8/3/2023 - 31/12/2025

‘‘For most of history, ‘‘Anonymous’’ was a woman’’ said Virginia Woolf in ‘‘A Room of One’s Own’’.

Historian activists are fighting for a change of perspective, to bring out the role of women in history so that it can finally become mixed. To show that women have not only been at home, but that they have had significant roles in all areas. A way of deconstructing stereotypes and the roles assigned to femininity and of allowing women the identification and projection necessary for their empowerment.

Morocco's history is rich in glorious events. It is made by men and women who have made and are making the greatness of the Kingdom. From militancy to the struggle for freedom to independence, to cultural and artistic prowess...Moroccan women have distinguished themselves throughout history and have always contributed to the evolution of Morocco in various fields.

This exhibition aims to bring Moroccan women out of the shadows to rebuild a mixed Moroccan history. Politicians, activists, artists, writers, scientists, sportswomen: these Moroccan women who deserve, each in their own field, to enter History.

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